Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Dark One Cometh...

Here you all stand....bloody and battered, but alive.

To an outsider, the scene would seem a strange one indeed.  The walls of darkness and shadow of the ziggurat began to slowly dissipate as soon as Zithirian was slain, and there he lay, little more than a pile of dust is all that remains of the previous master of this realm.  A large phantasmal hand and eye asking for you to sacrifice the sword, Nightbringer, to a dark power, but instead you stabbed the eye in defiance.  And there is a newcomer to this particular scene...The Keeper.

However, there is 1 difference....the bell that was chained around his neck is no longer present.  He speaks in his monotone, almost unemotional voice..."Friends...." he says as he bows...."You have slain Zirithian and with his absence a new master must be appointed.  You have the power to do this as his slayers.  If you would give this place to me, I will set it back to its purpose and balance the evil that now taints this realm.  Although you take a great evil with you, its influence will take some time to repair...most likely several of your lifetimes, by your count of time."

The keeper gestures towards what was Zirithian's coffin..."Enter his coffin and leave this place." which you all do and, as you look around, you have no idea where this exit has left you.  This is a place of gray, and cold, and it rains....

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