Thursday, December 20, 2012

Something wicked this way comes...

Upon sitting down to catch your breath, you take a few moments to look around and ponder recent events.  You sit in what appears to be the same "throne room" that was in the Trollhaunt warrens, yet you know you are in the feywild.  Those of you native to this place feel a sense of home, however it is a sense tainted in this place.  You don't know how or what, but this place must be clensed.

Only a short time ago, Acerack tried to (and succeeded with a few of you) recruit you to his purposes, which are still mostly unclear.  You know only that he wishes to destroy Kas and needs you to draw him out.  How do you even attempt to do that?  You don't even know where Kas is?

As you rest that night, as if on cue, Kas enters the minds of those of you that have agreed to do his bidding.  He says no words and you do not see him, but the fearsome presence is there, none-the-less.  You see places, things you don't understand, people you don't know. 

You see dark caverns where no natural light exists, you see strange people with dark countenances, and fearsome creatures you have never seen before...

As the visions fade, you hear a whisper...."find the hand in the darknes.......".

Your sleep is fitful, and uneasy.  You each have 2 less healing surges when you awake (unless you are a vampire). 

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