Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My 1st post!

Hello all you DnD fans!

I am a DM for DnD 4E and have been playing it since it's release in 2008. I will be posting my advice, experiences as well as the pitfalls I have stumbled into in hopes that others can avoid them.

To start with, my 1st piece of advice is for new DMs (or experienced ones).

Don't let your players get too powerful, either by giving them too many magic items nor by allowing them to house rule their characters. I did both in the beginning and now I have to toughen up all my encounters just to make the players sweat at all. More work for me without any more satisfaction for them. I mean, come on...you just took out a solo dragon and still have some daily powers left?!? Even Gandalf shot his wad against the balrog!

That's all for now. Upcoming topics include playing DnD online for those lazy friends that don't want to put on clothes and actually have a face to face game anymore. :)