Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A long hot night...

After your long marching slog through the fens, and your eventual discovery of the caverns, and your bashing of the entrance guards, you find yourself totally spent.  The last few hours have been spent running on sheer willpower and adrenaline, and you can do it no longer.

The entire complex has been alerted to your presence....they have seen the slaughter at the front gate. 

You are on the run...and run you see frightening things that you know you will have to face in order to make it to the king.  A giant pile of skulls, an underground lake (was that the wind or something really big breathing?!), iron cages hanging from the ceiling containing the poor fools who have ventured before you...all dead.  What kind of place is this?!

You try to be as quiet as possible, sneaking past monsters when you can and hiding the corpses of those you must kill in your flight.  This place seems to have an endless supply of all manner of creatures.  Every twist and turn reveals something new.

In the end, and after much running, you find yourself back in the marrowmaw sleeping area.  In a stroke of genius, Quel suggests you just put on the garb of those you killed and pretend to be part of Skalmad's forces.  You do this and seems to work!

Luckily a few of you can speak a convincing version of goblin/common combo most of these denizens speak.  Your night is is oppressively hot not even the humid wind of the warrens  to cool you.  There are constant interruptions from the patrolling guards, but you do manage to get some fitful sleep. (2 less healing surges)

You are all still haunted by the endless nightmares of lush forests teaming with all manner of evil,  endless swamplands with foul, stagnant waters and buzzing insects, the red eye...and now a 2nd eye, this one an lurid green and beside the red eye.  Not as if they were the right and left eye of a single creature, but 2 separate eyes of 2 different beings.

What fresh new hell is this?

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