Saturday, September 22, 2012

The River Runs Red...

After an uncomfortable nights rest, you awaken sore, sleep deprived and covered in mosquito bites.  You thought the pyramid was bad, but at least you could get a decent nights rest.  (you all have 2 less healing surges).  You all recall the same uncomfortable feeling of being watched during the night.  A single red, dimly glowing eye on the edge of your vision...always there, but gone when you try to look at it directly.

Among your brief travels in the Trollhaunt, what you see is disturbing to say the least.  Other than bugs and mosquitoes, there is no "normal" wildlife.  Oh sure, you see the occasional devoured carcass, pile of old bones, or the overrun campsite of some unfortunate group, but nothing else...nothing.  It is a land without life.

You look at the map that you found on the troll carcass.  The warrens are huge...

After your rest, you wind your way through bogs, fens and marshes.  While you keep up with your march, but you find yourself completely turned around and confused.  Everything looks the same!  Wet, hot and muggy....and unnaturally quiet.

After a hard day of slogging through the fens, through the haze of heat, buzzing insects and sweat in your eyes, you see a pillar of stone jutting into the air on the horizon.

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