Monday, August 13, 2012

The Shard - Part 2 - The Soul

Upon defeating the abomination that was, upon a time, the shard of Karavakos' passion and emotional self, you see a lurid green mist rise from his dead body and rise through the ceiling.

Upon consulting with Vyrellis, you found the reason for her running out of the room.  She felt the emotional torrent of this shard...she felt the love the once knew, the lust for power that drove Karavakos to strike his devilish deal, she felt the anger and hatred that consumed Karavakos at the end of his life and she felt  she quiet madness that he endured in his struggle for power.  She felt the uneasy presence in the corners of his mind.  Vyrellis could not withstand this onslaught of raw passions of her once and beloved lover.

On your first rest after your victory, you are plagued with disturbing visions of your quarry.  He is gaining strength.  As you slay each shard, their considerable power returns to join with the original source.  Karavakos has grown strong.  Soon he will posses the power to escape, leaving you trapped here for eternity.

Always, in the shadows of your dreams, there lurks a dark presence...always watching...always...

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